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Indie 1.7: Introducing Indie Ambassadors and Bounty 2.0

Now anyone can sell Indie and get paid, and everyone who buys Indie can get up to 100% of their premium matched in an investment every month

Our first release for 2018, adds some pretty fantastic new features, so let’s get stuck in. 

New: Indie Ambassadors

We’ve been piloting a new way to sell indie for a few months, and we’re finally ready to share it more broadly with everyone today. Indie’s technology allows anyone to get an accurate, fully underwritten life insurance plan based on their needs and personal information. The biggest challenge we face is getting people to try Indie. 

Today we’re launching Indie Ambassadors, where Indie will partner with talented, motivated sales people to introduce Indie to more people. Indie Ambassadors are equipped with tooling to sell Indie and earn commission doing it. Our software handles the onboarding sales process, with financial advisors on hand via chat to help any insurance questions. 

Because Indie Ambassadors simply sell and rely on our software and financial advisors, anyone with sales skills can become an Indie Ambassadors. Just apply online, complete our online training and test and we’ll set you up with a profile on our sales tool. Find out more about Indie Ambassadors Programme.

New: Bounty 2.0

We’ve completely reworked Bounty to be both more rewarding andeasier to understand. Now, instead of a single investment in you with your policy, Indie will match up to 100% of your monthly premium in an investment for you. We’ve written two posts to explain How Bounty 2.0 works and how the changes impact our existing customers.

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