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Introducing Bounty 2.0

Instead of a once-off investment with your policy, Indie now matches up to 100% of your premium and invests it for you every month.

When Indie launched, we did something impossible by industry standards — we gave clients a once-off investment, with every Indie policy, called Bounty. Depending on your age and premium, that investment could have been anything from R10, 000 to R150, 000+.

Sound too good to be true? That’s what everyone else thought too.

In the months since launching, both research and our own experience taught us that while Bounty made sense to “early adopters” and “financially-savvy” types, we were missing the mark with our most important market — ordinary South Africans. Today we’re making Bounty easier to understand and better for everyone.

With Bounty 2.0, instead of a once-off investment with your policy, Indie matches up to 100% of your premium and invests it for you every month.

The younger you start, the more we invest in you and the more time you have for that investment to grow and generate meaningful wealth. We’ve included a table of how much Indie invests in you every month, over time, right here, but a few examples will help illustrate the idea:

  • If you’re under 30 years old, paying R300 a month for your policy, Indie will invest 100% of your premium into your Bounty (R300 invested per month)
  • If you’re 35 years old, paying R500 a month for your policy, Indie will invest 80% of your premium into your Bounty (R400 invested per month)
  • If you’re 60 years old, paying R750 a month for your policy, Indie will invest 40% of your premium into your Bounty, (R300 invested per month)

Regardless of your age, Indie always invests in you because we believe the least any financial service can do is help people create wealth for their futures. Here are a few other ways we’re making Bounty 2.0 better.

New. More Cash in your Cashdrops

Bounty is an investment, and like all investments it performs best when it’s left to grow, but every few years we give you access to some of it.

  • Previously that was 5% (with growth) accessible every 5 years.
  • With Bounty 2.0, it’s 10% (with growth) accessible every 5 years.

New. Miss a Payment, Keep Your Bounty.

Whatever Bounty you get from your premiums over the years stays yours.

  • Previously if you missed several payments we’d reduce your total Bounty.
  • With Bounty 2.0 when if you need to miss one or more payments, we won’t take Bounty away, we just won’t add to your Bounty in those months.
  • Previously if you reduced your cover, we’d remove some of the lump-sum investment we made on day one, which admittedly was a little weird.
  • With Bounty 2.0, if you reduce your cover in, say, year 5, you keep all the Bounty that we invested while you were paying a higher premium.

Already an Indie client? We’ve Got You.

To our existing clients, we’ve written a post explaining how Bounty 2.0 affects you, and we’ve got some great news (spoiler: more Bounty) for you, as a thank you for continuing to invest your premiums into a life insurance company that wants to make insurance more rewarding for everyone.

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