Karabo,28 Years Old
Indie Matches
Into His Investment
He Pays
For His Insurance
Sonela,32 Years Old
Indie Matches
Into Her Investment
She Pays
For Her Insurance

Insure your life with Indie and we'll invest in you.

When you insure your life with Indie, we give you Bounty – a stash of money in an investment that grows from day one and generates wealth for you over time.

She Got
R76 400
Bounty With Her Policy

Make Your Premium Work for You

Only Indie matches up to 100% of your monthly premium and puts it into an investment that creates wealth for your future. We call this revolutionary investment product Bounty.

We’re Investing in You. Literally.

With Bounty, Indie matches your life insurance premium with a monthly contribution to an investment. The younger you are, the more we invest in you. If you’re under 30, we invest 100% of your premium. If you’re over 50, we invest up to 50%

Read more about how we invest in you over time.

Bounty Creates Wealth

Your Bounty tracks the Money Market Index and begins growing from day one.  Because of this, it keeps up with inflation, ensuring real growth over your lifetime. Start young enough with Indie and your Bounty will eclipse your insurance premiums.

Get some Every 5 Years, All of It when You Turn 70.

You can access 10% of your Bounty every 5 years with its inflation-beating growth. But if you want to really make the most of Bounty, leave it invested and get all of it, with decades of growth, when you turn 70.

How Is Indie Able to Offer Bounty?

Simply put, we use smarter technology than other insurers to calculate your premiums more accurately. And we cut out the middleman. Usually, it’s really expensive to sell life insurance. About 30% of an average premium goes towards covering the costs of a financial advisor who has assisted you. Because we are 100% digital, we don't have to pay all that commision and we can pass the savings to you as an investment – Bounty.

What’s The Catch?

You need to stay with Indie to keep your Bounty. If you leave, you’ll also leave behind any Bounty that hasn’t unlocked. Truth is, we’re working tirelessly to make Indie so valuable and rewarding that you’d never want to.

World-Class Insurance Products

Our insurance products are designed by Indie and backed by insurance industry leaders, Sanlam, Gen Re and Munich Re.



Death Income Protection

If you die, we pay your dependants an income.



Income Protection

If you become disabled and can't work, we pay you an income.



Funeral Cover

If you die, we give you a proper send-off.



Disability Cover

If you become disabled, we help you start over with a single lump-sum payout



Critical Illness Cover

If you get Cancer or another serious condition, we help you conquer it.



Life Insurance Cover

If you die, we help to settle your debts, with a single lump-sum payout.