When you insure with Indie, we invest in you with Bounty – real money, in an investment that grows from day one.

She Got
R76 400
Bounty With Her Policy

Real Money

Bounty isn’t an elaborate loyalty reward scheme. It's not cash back. It’s not crumbs off the table either.

Bounty is a real and sizeable investment we make in you with your Indie Policy, based on your age and premiums.

For some it's a few thousand Rand, for others it can be over a hundred thousand Rand. It's easy to find out just how big your Bounty could be.

If you already have life insurance you can calculate your approximate Bounty with our calculator.

If you don't have insurance yet, get started to see how much Indie would pay you to insure your life.

A Real Investment

Your Bounty tracks the Money Market index and begins growing from day one.

If you’ve got an appetite for risk and an interest in investing you can split your bounty across a number of offshore and local asset classes and take full control of your returns. Learn all about how investing works with Bounty, here.

Stay And it's Yours

As long as you’re insured with Indie, your Bounty and all the growth it generates can be yours.

The full amount with decades of market returns unlocks when you reach 70.  But every few years a portion of your Bounty, with interest, unlocks for you to withdraw or re-invest.


Every few years we’ll give you access to a guaranteed amount of your total bounty. If you do nothing other than pay your premiums, you are guaranteed to get your CashDrop every 60 premiums.

But depending on your behaviour and actions - e.g. paying all your premiums on time or referring friends - CashDrops can happen much sooner. We call this FastForward, and its coming soon. Interested? Learn more about Cashdrops.


Impatience has its virtues too. FastForward is coming soon and will enable you to speed up the time to your next Bounty CashDrop.


If you become disabled and can't work, we pay you an income.

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If you die, we pay your dependants an income.

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If you become disabled, we help you start over.

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