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Want to Get Paid Selling Insurance That Sells Itself?

Become an Indie Ambassador and earn real money by selling revolutionary Life Insurance products that create wealth for our clients.

Insurance built for the internet generation

Indie’s insurance products have been designed and built from the ground up for an internet generation and are backed by Sanlam.

Start a side hustle or earn a full salary

Earn R500 - R1,000 for every sign up. Sell one policy a week and earn an extra R4,000 a month, sell one a day and make it R16,000.

Work whenever, wherever you want to

Even if you’ve got a 9 – 5, Indie gives you the freedom to make more money. Set your own schedule and work whenever you like. 

You know who'd make an excellent boss? You would.

Do it your way. Get involved at our official Indie activations or work on your time and sell anytime, anywhere. Indie Ambassadors are the masters of their own destinies.

All the support you need to succeed

Our team of experts are available online to help with any technical questions. And there’s a ton of useful, easy-to-digest information in our WTF section.

Build a rep and get real rewards

Top-performing Indie Ambassadors will be rewarded with awesome incentives – think iPhones, data, parties, holidays and a return trip to the moon if you sell a million policies.

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