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Indie 1.3 - making it easier to understand your Indie Plan

Version Release

In our biggest release ever (to be fair it’s only our third) we’ve added some super useful tools to the way we present the Indie Plan.

Prospect theory


We like prospect theory because it leads to an increased demand for insurance in general. However, for Indie, prospect theory is a challenge we need to overcome.

10 reasons why Indie Life Insurance is better


Indie is the new kid on the block. We’ve developed a brand-new life insurance product from the ground up. And we’ve done it in record time too.

I’ve got good news, and bad news


Yes, you’re probably invincible, and you may not have any debt to cover or financial dependents to leave behind, but this doesn’t change the fact that you need life insurance.

The fictional stories start-ups tell


Every new business looking to attract attention and lure potential customers tries to distinguish themselves through a unique story.

We don’t like premium cash-back schemes


They appear to be willfully manipulative marketing, which rubs us the wrong way. So we made something better — the Wealth Bonus.

So, we launched a little too early

Version Release

Everyone loves the idea of a minimum viable product (MVP) — until you’ve got a looming deadline and the latest build that you have in your hands feels, well, horrible.

What do we mean by Disability?


We use what we call an occupational definition of disability. Or what happens when a ballerina loses a foot?

How does Indie offer Lower Premiums & still give you a Wealth Bonus?


What’s the first reaction we get from people when they see Indie's Wealth Bonus? It’s disbelief, and general skepticism.