Death Income Protection

If you die, we pay your dependants an income.

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Death Income Protection that also Creates Wealth

While others offer lump-sum insurance, Indie Assist covers your expenses by paying your family a dependable monthly income when you’ve gone the way of the dodo. And every premium you pay creates wealth for your future with a growing investment we call Bounty.

The only death income cover that comes with an investment

Only Indie matches up to 100% of your monthly premium in an investment that creates wealth for your future.

Cover that actually keeps you and your family covered

Tax-free monthly income to cover your family’s ongoing expenses.

Cover made easy

Instead of trying to work out a big amount, simply tell us how much your family would need to live every month. Then choose how long they’ll need it, from 10 to 40 years.

Do everything online, in no time

You can get a guaranteed quote in just 6 minutes and pay online.

Flexible premiums

If life puts the squeeze on your budget we let you skip up to three payments.

Instant cover

Indie cover starts immediately, before you've paid a premium. Even if we need supporting documentation.
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need death income protection?
How much death income protection do I need?
How long will the income be paid?
How are claims paid?
How long will I be insured?
How do the death income protection premiums work?
Can I skip premiums?
When doesn’t Indie Assist death income cover pay out?

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If you die, we pay your dependants an income.

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