Critical Illness Cover

If you get Cancer or another serious condition, we help you conquer it.

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What is Indie Overcome

If you get any one of our defined serious conditions (like Cancer), we’ll hook you up with a tax-free lump-sum payment to help you overcome it.

Other insurers may call it things like Critical Illness, Dread Disease or Trauma Cover. We call it Indie Overcome.

Why do I need it?

More people are diagnosed with Cancer (and other serious conditions) these days than ever before. Sucks, we know. Maybe it’s all that genetically-modified fast food we shovel into our bodies. Or death-rays in microwaves. We don’t know. But we do know that being diagnosed comes with expenses like employing a carer, the cost of treatment not covered by medical aid, and adjustments to your lifestyle. Money should be the last thing you’re worrying about at a time like this.

How much cover do I need?

Most people choose to have at least R350 000 cover, or about 6 months of income (after tax but before other deductions) if that’s higher. Your cover amount will grow with inflation each year, but you can choose to opt out of this growth. Also, at any time, you can lower or increase your cover, or remove Indie Overcome altogether.

Fortunately, we’ve got your back and we’re here to help work out what cover you need

How are claims paid?

Claims are paid to you as fast as possible. How long that’ll take depends on the nature of the claim, as well as how quickly we’re given the claims documentation.

Can I claim more than once?

Yes, under certain conditions, you can claim more than once. If, for example, you successfully claim for Quadriplegia, we’ll pay you 100% of the cover amount. Indie Overcome continues after the claim, and you’re fully covered for other conditions that are unrelated to your first claim, as if the first claim never happened.

Only if your second claim is related to your first claim, will you not be able to claim again. An example would be claiming for a certain type of Cancer that leads to a different type of Cancer (Canception?). In that case, we’ll only pay out once for the maximum of the two conditions.

So this lasts like, forever?

Kinda. But not exactly. Your cover will end if you decide to cancel Indie Overcome (and stop paying premiums), or if you die (soz).  

What about premiums?

Each year, we’ll take into account your details to calculate your premium. If you don’t tell us about any changes, the only thing that’ll change is your age. You don’t have to tell us if your circumstances change (like if you get married, or quit smoking), but there’s a chance these changes could lower your premium, so it might be worth giving us the lowdown.

Your premium may also change over time as we make pricing and feature adjustments. Unlike most insurers, if our prices come down over time, or we improve our product, everyone gets the benefit, not just our new clients (we’ve got your back, fam).

Naturally, the amount of cover you take will influence your premium. You can lower the amount of cover at any time, which will result in a decrease in your premium.  

Can I skip premiums?

You can skip a premium at any time. If you do, we’ll reduce your cover temporarily until you’ve paid 6 consecutive premiums.

All about that Bounty?

Indie uses smart technology to price your premiums more accurately, and we cut out the middleman. Which means we’re able to match up to 100% of your premium in an investment that generates wealth for you - we call it Bounty.

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