Critical Illness Cover

If you get Cancer or another serious condition, we help you conquer it.

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Critical Illness Cover that also Creates Wealth

More people are diagnosed with cancer (and other serious conditions) these days than ever before. But with the right support, more people can fight back. Indie Overcome will hook you up with a tax-free lump-sum payment to help you conquer your critical illness. And every premium you pay creates wealth for your future with a growing investment we call Bounty.

The only critical illness cover that comes with an investment

Only Indie matches up to 100% of your monthly premium in an investment that creates wealth for your future.

We help you fight back harder and faster

Indie pays 150% of your cover amount for certain aggressive cancers.

Tax-free cover that cares

Pays a tax-free lump sum to cover your expenses if you’re diagnosed with any serious condition we cover.

Do everything online, in no time

You can get a guaranteed quote in just 6 minutes and pay online.

Flexible Premiums

You can skip a premium at any time. If you do, we’ll reduce your cover temporarily until you’ve paid 6 consecutive premiums.

Instant cover

Indie cover starts immediately, before you've paid a premium. Even if we need supporting documentation.
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need critical illness cover?
How much critical illness cover do I need?
How are claims paid?
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How do critical illness premiums work?
Can I skip premiums?
What conditions are covered?

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