Karabo,28 Years Old
Indie Matches
Into His Investment
He Pays
For His Insurance
Sonela,32 Years Old
Indie Matches
Into Her Investment
She Pays
For Her Insurance

Insure your life with Indie and we'll invest in you.

When you insure your life with Indie, we give you Bounty – a stash of money in an investment that grows from day one and generates wealth for you over time.

Insurance that Invests in You

Percentages shown are Indicative only. Please use our Bounty Calculator.

We Match up to 100% of your Premium with an Investment every month.

Only Indie matches up to 100% of your monthly premium and puts it into an investment that creates wealth for your future. We call it Bounty. And it comes with every Indie policy.

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An Investment that Grows With You

Your Bounty tracks the Money Market Index and begins growing from day one. Because of this, it keeps up with inflation, ensuring real growth over your lifetime. You can access 10% of your Bounty every 5 years, and all of it when you turn 70.

R735 000
40 Years
R123 000
10 Years
R58 000
5 Years
This is an example of a 30-year-old, paying R1000 p/m who does not draw down any CashDrops. You should know that projected Bounty and CashDrop values are for illustrative purposes only and cannot be guaranteed. Projected values are illustrated in real terms, i.e. in today’s money terms. Read more.

The Best Way to Get Insured Online

We've redesigned life insurance from the ground up, to be easy to understand, easy to use, and incredibly rewarding. We’re transparent, honest and human, just like you.

Built for the internet generation

We’re a digital-first insurer. No paperwork, no spam calls, no jargon and no people with briefcases. Just simple, smart life insurance.

Adapts to your needs

The Indie Plan helps you work out what cover you need, while flexible premiums let you skip a payment if life puts a squeeze on your budget.

Better insurance, at the best possible price

We use new state-of-the-art technology to give our clients more accurate premiums, and lower premiums for those who are lower risk.

Do everything online, in no time

You can get a guaranteed quote in just 6 minutes and pay online.

Real humans, whenever you need them

Instantly chat online or on the phone to a financial advisor if you need any support.

Instant cover

Indie cover starts immediately, before you've paid a premium. Even if we need supporting documentation.

World-Class Insurance Products

Our insurance products are designed by Indie and backed by insurance industry leaders, Sanlam, Gen Re and Munich Re.



Death Income Protection

If you die, we pay your dependants an income.



Income Protection

If you become disabled and can't work, we pay you an income.



Funeral Cover

If you die, we give you a proper send-off.



Disability Cover

If you become disabled, we help you start over with a single lump-sum payout



Critical Illness Cover

If you get Cancer or another serious condition, we help you conquer it.



Life Insurance Cover

If you die, we help to settle your debts, with a single lump-sum payout.

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